Stuff About Children

Posted on September 14, 2008


They need structure, rules, and routines.
They need consistency and follow through.
They need clothes that are clean and that fit them.
They need basic table manners.
They need to know who they can count on, and who they can trust.
They need to know that they are special and loved.
They need to have nutritious meals prepared for them.
They need to have parents who are in a whole state of mind, free of substances that impair judgment, reaction time, and memory.
They need to have parents who are involved and pro-active about their educations.
They need to know that they will be safe and taken care of at home.

They will remember decorating cookies.
They will remember pancakes for breakfast.
They will remember surprise trips to get milkshakes at almost bedtime.
They will remember impromptu picnics in the park.
They will remember sillyness and fits of laughter.
They will remember sledding and hot chocolate.
They will remember wandering around book stores in no hurry to go anywhere else.
They will remember being listened to and encouraged to have opinions.
They will remember the goofball stories.
They will remember getting to go to fun things in the city.
They will remember being encouraged to have creative outlets.
They will remember their parents being happy and setting a good example of a healthy relationship.
They will remember simple traditions.

Someday, they will appreciate being made to sit down and do their homework.
Someday, they will appreciate being reminded to use their napkin rather than their sleeve.
Someday, they will appreciate what may come across as “strict” today.

Eventually, they will figure out what kind of parents they really had.

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