Pasta Salad

Posted on July 19, 2009


This isn’t a recipe blog, but since it’s MY blog I can do what I want. Last week I made pasta salad and brought a container of it to the outdoor concert at the Gallivan Center for my bestest cold-cereal-eating friend (Sarah) to have for dinner. Sneau suggested that I bring a spare fork for another friend of hers (SusanMercedes) just in case she was hungry too. They both liked it, and Susan asked for the recipe, so I divulged the super secretness and I’ll share it with the world now.

First cook some pasta, I like to use penne. I like the Barilla Pasta Plus because it is multi grain and fortified with protein and omega-3, but it doesn’t taste healthy. I’m not a huge fan of whole wheat pasta because I have a hard time with it seeming grainy and mushy. The Pasta Plus tastes like normal pasta.

Cut up a pile of veggies (all raw). You can use whichever ones you like. I used a zucchini (peeled it first), a yellow squash (also peeled), red, orange, and green bell peppers, cucumber, and mushrooms.

Make the dressing. This is the tricky part (jokes). Grab a bottle of Kraft Free Zesty Italian dressing and open it up.

Drain the pasta and rinse it with cold water. Mix it with the veggies and however much of the dressing you want or need. The easiest and least messy way to mixe and store it is to throw everything into a gallon sized Ziploc bag and sort of shake/knead it to mix it up.

Leave it in the fridge overnight to let the veggies marinate.

When it’s time to eat, mix in some torn spinach leaves and some shredded cheese (I use a prepackaged 6-cheese italian blend) and then gobble it up.