I sooo win.

Posted on July 30, 2009


Today I wore pointy shoes to work (not heels just pointy) with a skirt. I re-proved my long held theory that wearing uncomfortable, pretty shoes makes things happen in my work life. Today was busy and productive. I changed into my flip flops as soon as I got to my car at about 4:57, before I even turned the car on.

I got home and changed into gym clothes and sneakers quickly before I got a chance to settle in. The plan was for Sneau to take the kids to the rec. center pool and for me to meet up with them and work out while they played. I had charged my ipod and made a new playlist. I couldn’t find my headphones. Oh well, I could go anyway. I couldn’t find my pass card for the gym. Strike two, but they would look me up and let me in. I got to the gym and realized I’d left my phone at home. Strike three, but still okay because I didn’t really need it. I went inside and the pool area was dark. There was a sign that said the pool was closed for cleaning and would reopen tomorrow. Sneau and the kids weren’t there, and I didn’t know where they were, but I bet my PHONE knew where they were. I went home and there was a voicemail saying that they’d gone to a different rec. center in Sandy (we have an all-county pass so we can go to any of the Salt Lake County facilities.) I really wanted to just say to hell with it. I even twittered something about “eff it”.

Then, I found the box from my Blackberry and remembered that it came with stereo headphones. I pulled them out, got the ipod, and got in the car. No sunglasses on my head. Crap. I checked the built in sunglass pop-down thingy in the car, just to see. YAY found the gym pass in there. There was a pair of sunnies in my purse. I texted Sneau to let him know I was on my way. A few blocks down the road I started having doubts. It would take at least ten minutes to get to where my family was. By the time I got there they would be almost done. The other gym is bigger than the one in our neighborhood, and if gym = scary then bigger gym = more scary. I called Sneau to tell him I wasn’t going there and I’d see him at home. He didn’t answer, but I decided to keep going anyway.

I got there, slid my card, and found the pool. I let Sneau know I was there, then went off to find the exercise room. I was concerned because I didn’t see any bikes, and then I found them along the far wall. A wall of windows. Facing out. RAD! At our center the bikes are in the middle of the room and I don’t like feeling like people are watching me and my gooshy thighs from every single direction. I took my spot on what we call a “Video game bike” and chose a course that has a decent incline (2-6%) for the first half. I turned on the ipod and got me some Ben Kweller. I passed my pacer and stayed ahead of him the entire time. My heart rate didn’t dip below 138. I spent most of the ride between gears 11 and 14.

I’m proud of myself for going despite the obstacles.

On the way home I remembered I had a prescription waiting for me at Target and I was out of apples (I eat 3-5 of them per day). I was covered in sweat to the point of my shirt feeling damp. My hair was pulled off my face and neck with a charming (read: awful) conglomeration of barrettes, and I was wearing gym clothes (black bike shorts, turquoise running shorts, and a white tee shirt with a navy blue logo of one of my vendors) and no make-up. I swiped on a bit of Juicy Tubes lipgloss in a darkish almost red color (it’s my favorite insta-pretty-fier) and went to the store. I figured that because I have fancy gym shoes and fancy lip gloss, if I ran into someone I knew, they’d just have to understand that I really AM fancy, I just happenned to be on my way home from the gym. Then I asked myself why it mattered.

I realized how much more comfortable I am in my own skin these days. Old me would have gone home and waited until today to go to Target. Hell, old me would not even have been out, because she would have let frustration and anxiety put her on the couch for the night.

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