Lip Gloss Problem?

Posted on July 31, 2009


Lip Gloss always helps me to feel more polished and pretty. I have a little zipper pouch bag that lives in my purse. What’s inside? Lip stuff. And sometimes gum.

Not just one lip gloss, or maybe a gloss and a balm, or something. I manage to amass quite a collection from a combination of being too lazy to take them out, and always tending to over pack in the name of being prepared.

What we’ve got here is my favorite super pretty lip gloss, a cute kinda minty flavored girly lipgloss, a pinkish lipstick I have worn maybe twice, my go-to lazy/need color/don’t want sticky glossness lipstick (you can see it’s well used), and my trusty lip balm. I just noticed the similarity in color between the favorite lip stick and the favorite balm.

The funny thing is, I’m not a high maintenance girl. I guess I just like pretty things.

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