Posted on August 10, 2009


Craft Lake City was a success. Suzanne shared a booth with Sophie and both of them did great. I hope they do more festivals and such in the future! The only thing I was sad about was that I couldn’t find the Este Pizza booth, and I was hungry for pizza.

Lilly’s dad picked her up a little bit earlier than I had expected, so she and I didn’t get to spend much time at CLC together, but [I think] she was a big help to Sophie and Suzanne with setting up. Sophie gave her a necklace and earring set to model, and she is wearing it again today! Pretty much as soon as she got home from her dad’s, she asked to do Fimo clay.

I think Lil’s getting to the age where other women are starting to be cooler than her own mother, because she’s very much in love with Sophie. Of course, it may just be that Sophie is completely awesome and it would be hard not to be completely in love with her.

The weather was beautiful, cool and cloudy on and off, so Sneau and I made a day-date of it and had downtown adventures. We went to CLC and wandered up to Este to get pizza (yum) and then back to the Gallivan Center where we ran into my dad and Luke. We stopped by the booth again, and then went wandering some more. I wanted a treat, and Sneau wanted ice cream. I voted that we stop at Gourmandie’s (The Bakery) and get a treat for me to go, and then grab ice cream for him and sit on the ground somewhere and eat it. He called me a hippie.

Obviously, when we got to The Bakery there was no longer any need for ice cream. He got apple cinnamon bread pudding and I got a Strawberry Ring which is sort of a big cream puff with chocolate bits and almonds baked into the top, filled with cream yumminess and fresh strawberries, and put together like a sandwich. We walked back to the car the long way, looking through the windows of the antique shops on Broadway and holding hands. I don’t know that it could have been a more perfect day.