Sometimes It Sucks to be Right

Posted on August 15, 2009


This house had carpet EVERYWHERE when we moved in, as some of you might remember. The very first project was replacing the sub-floor in the main bathroom because of a moisture problem that the previous owners had covered with carpet (EWW!) rather than fixing.
This photo shows the damaged floor, after the carpet was pulled and before the sub-floor was replaced. Don’t worry, we didn’t live here yet!
My gut told me that moisture had found its way from the floor into the wall that separates the toilet area from the shower and that the wall was likely damaged and would need to be replaced. Two contractors told me it was fine. I planned on replacing it eventually anyway, I even have the new tile waiting in the shed, but because replacing a tub and a wall was such a huge project, and it “Wasn’t a concern”, It wasn’t on the priority list.

I was brushing my teeth and heard something fall onto the floor. I looked around and didn’t see anything, and it had been a sort of weird “plink” sound. Then I saw it: A piece of bullnose had jumped off of the rotting wall and onto the floor. I said the F word. Loud.

Even if I wasn’t a trained professional in the world of tile, I would know that tile jumping off the wall signals a problem. As you can see from the photo, the wall behind it is rotting, just as I thought three years ago… So now I have to find a remodeling contractor (Luckily I know a bunch), or a brother with construction experience, who will help me fix this mess.

Lesson learned? I should trust my gut, because I am smarter than most boys, and this proves it. (Again)

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