Dear Rand,

Posted on August 22, 2009


Thank you for fixing my leather bracelet. Mom brought it back to me and I was going to tell you the next time I saw you. I went out of town and the night I got home, you went to the hospital. I felt happy about the bracelet because when I asked you to fix it, you said “I know how to fix it just right” and you talked about your special leather glue, and I saw in your eyes how happy it made you to feel like you were needed.

Yesterday I went into the room where you did your leather work. There is a bag of Fritos on the table and an empty can of bean dip in the trash. I had forgotten that was your favorite snack. When I first came here, Mom always made sure we had those things packed for going to the zoo or whatever.

I also found your big snake walking stick and decided that we should bring it to you so that all of the people who come to see you one last time will get a kick out of it. Suzanne and Mom agreed.

Thank you for feeding my daughter’s love of books. I know that you and she shared a lot of time reading, and the gigantic Book of Mormon that you made a leather cover for and gave to her is one of her most prized possessions, to the point of her taking it in her purse (there wasn’t room left for much else!) when she went on her trip to California this summer. Last night I was looking at all of your Little Golden Books on the shelf in your living room and I hope that it’s okay if she has them, I know she would love them.

Also, I bet L got her rock collecting bug from you. Maybe her collecting bug in general? I don’t know if I should thank you for that one, it took a lot of energy to get her to stop picking up rocks from people’s yards and bringing them home in her pockets. I’m kidding of course. Kind of.

L and I were talking about you after you passed and we were talking about how you called her “Punkin” and she said “When I was little it was kind of annoying, because I am NOT a squash.”

There is a lot more to say, and I’m sure that more memories will come to the surface as the days and weeks go by. I’ll be wearing my perfectly repaired bracelet on Monday. Thanks again.



p.s. I have the green and gold china. I was young and angry and I stole it. Mom knew and she covered for me. We are criminals, sorry about that. It’s safe, it has been hiding all these years and hasn’t even been unpacked since the day I took it. I hope you forgive me.

p.p.s. I hope that if you and the snake end up getting resurrected, that you will have had enough bonding time that the ol’ rattler will just want to hang out and be friends, and not be in any way upset with you.

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