Western Adventuring

Posted on October 3, 2009


This week I went adventuring for business. I went to Idaho Falls and to Jackson Hole. I forgot to bring the real camera so I had to make do with my phone. I missed a lot, but I got most of the important things.

I’m most sad about forgetting to take a picture of the art in my Jackson hotel room, it was a painting of two moose in a river with the caption “Ain’t Moosebehavin”.

I joked about going Old School with my hotel choice, having noted that this art piece was hanging in the hotel elevator. My friend who did work on the hotel’s remodel swears it wasn’t there before, and that it is NEW, rather than leftover from the 80s. I am sort of not convinced, but on the other hand, I have no reason not to trust him.

I ended up at a karaoke bar late Tuesday night and it was too dark to get pictures of all of the wildlife, but I did manage to capture my favorite specimen:

Why yes, those are pajama pants with a “Guitar Hero” logo. Really. In public. At a bar. Really.

In the hotel Parking lot, I found this:

Somewhere between Idaho Falls and Victor, Winter showed up for real. This was after snow pelted me in the ear while I was getting fuel in Idaho Falls.

I ate dinner in Historic Downtown Jackson. After walking around freezing for a while, I chose the Silver Dollar Bar. I almost got a buffalo burger, but the wall coverings sort of made meat not appetizing so I had New England clam chowder (which was terrific!) and a cobb salad.

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