Obligatory Year-End Recap

Posted on January 1, 2010


Here it is:

I broke my ankle badly and had hardware installed. I make it through airports fine, but it aches when it’s cold. I gained about 10 pounds. It was awesome.

The physical therapy for my ankle got me on an exercise kick that lasted most of the summer. I thought it would help me lose a little weight. I gained 10 more pounds and my thighs grew, so I got pissed off and stopped.

I worked a lot. I traveled all over Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

I started to retile my kitchen back splash.  I got about halfway finished, then the Holidays arrived. The tile is still sitting in the corner of the kitchen.

I gave away a ton of shoes and clothes. I still have too many.

So basically, all I have to show for the year are 20 extra pounds on my body, an achy leg, and even more unfinished projects.

Here’s to the big recap post at the end of 2010 actually including something positive and noteworthy.

Happy New Year.

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