Saturday Jan 2 – Try Again

Posted on January 2, 2010


Sweep the living room floor.
Crap. Nope.

Do a load of laundry.
This was in by 7am. Darks. It didn’t get folded or put away.

Put Lilly’s collection of 50s animal figurines downstairs in the family room – I took them down off of my kitchen shelves and felt instantly less cluttered. They are now sitting on the table.
Lilly is working on it, 7:24pm Sunday.

Get the decoration boxes from the Clubhouse. (From yesterday’s list)
Nope. I suck.

Take down some Christmas. (From yesterday’s list)
Nope Again.

Get ma’ hair did.
This happened, and went well.

Go out at night for girl-time adventuring.
This also happened, and also went well. A Bar Named Sue has great people watching, and instant weird new friends.

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