Is Gluten Free the way to be?

Posted on February 6, 2010


We’re going to try eating Gluten Free for two weeks and see if I feel better… I have the next week’s dinners figured out, I tried to go for things which were sort of normal dinners for us anyway. We don’t necessarily want to be preparing multiple meals for dinner so we’re going to all do it together.  Lo’s best friend’s family eats gluten free so she’s pretty familiar with how it works and with a vegetarian Daniel  and a vegan teen-ager, we’ve all gotten good at reading labels and working to make sure everybody gets accomodated. The hardest part is going to be feeding Daniel because most vegetarian “Meat” products have a lot of wheat protein so I won’t be able to eat them anymore. I secretly wonder if they might be part of my problem to begin with… I ate them about once a week before (I used veggie crumblers instead of ground beef out of convenience and honestly like boca burgers) but now I eat them almost daily. If I am gluten sensitive, it seems natural that eating a lot more of it would cause the problems I am having. That being said, I wouldn’t trade my meat-free boy for anything and if I had to have weird issues for the rest of my life in order to feed him, I totally would.

So here’s the menu for the week:
Thai Kitchen brand asian noodles with tofu: This is a normal meal in our rotation, and they are rice noodles so they are GF.
Pizza: There are pizza dough mixes and ready made crusts that are GF, and all of the normal toppings are allowed.
Tacos: Corn shells are GF, we can make GF tortillas, and I think the “Meat” can be a mixture of black beans and refried beans seasoned with taco seasoning and it won’t matter a bit that there aren’t crumblers in it.
Curry: Awesome. It’s something Daniel and I love (potatoes, carrots, and onion in curry sauce over rice), plus HE has to make it because last time I did and screwed it up.
Baked Potatoes and roasted “Turkey”: Quorn’s Turk’y Roast is GF.
“Chicken” Parmesan with spaghetti squash: Quorn’s Chick’n Tenders are GF and spaghetti squash is one of mine and Lo’s favorite things to eat.

I usually have a multigrain bagel with peanut butter for breakfast on the way to work. I am going to try peanut butter on rice cakes instead. There are GF bagels but the rice cakes are less expensive.

Lunches may be tricky since a lot if my lunches are eaten out but I will just have to go with salads, or tacos… Maybe an excuse to hit Rubios for a grilled shrimp taco on a corn tortilla…

Snacks and treats we will kind of play by ear. We’re going to get fruits, veggies, and cheese, and I’m going to boil a pile of eggs, and there are GF cookies, brownies, and cakes but they are expensive so they will need to be limited which is good because those things need to be limited anyway.

If we decide that it’s something we want to stick with, I’m sure we’ll find all sorts of awesome things to make and eat, because that’s how we do.

Oh, and we can still eat popcorn. If we couldn’t I’d say to hell with it. Not really. Well…

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