Four Legged Interior Decorator for Hire

Posted on March 27, 2010


Millie likes to chew our living room sofa set.  We have no idea why, as she hasn’t been destructive to anything else.  One of my friends pointed out that if she is only chewing those orange sofas, it is very likely that she just doesn’t agree with my interior decorating choices.  Say what you want, my orange sofas are (were) rad.

Interesting, hmm?  That’s the arrangement of the living room that Daniel found when he arrived home the other day.  He called and asked me if I had moved the love seat, and of course I hadn’t, as it’s hard enough to make it out the door on a weekday with Li’l Girl and I both dressed much less do any sort of household stuff (you should see the state of the bathroom counter top when we leave!).

This is the wall where the love seat belongs.  Notice the big box of stuff waiting to be donated to the thrift store, and I’m positive you noticed the lack of baseboard and door trim because I’m positive that everyone notices and that everyone wonders what our problem is.  That’s another post altogether.  The point is the love seat wasn’t here.

Apparently it works better closer to the window.

The love seat (yes I am aware it’s badly chewed) had been moved to near the window which is on the opposite side of the room from where it belongs.  We are pretty sure that Millie dragged it by the corner of a cushion because the cushions are sort of belted onto it with industrial snaps.