I was right again.

Posted on March 27, 2010


After years of buying shoes that were cute and inexpensive, only to have my feet begging for mercy after a very short time, I came to the realization that the expensive shoes were so much more well constructed that their cost per wear (because of the fact that I could actually wear them!) made them worth buying.

Following blogs like  Orchids in Buttonholes gave me reassurance that I was, in fact, correct.  She has way less than a zillion pairs of shoes, seems to love each pair as if they were her children, and none of her well selected shoes are cheap.

Today I found this slideshow on MSN.  It shows ridiculously high heeled shoes that won’t kill our feet, and every one of them are high end.  This pair by Cynthia Vincent is not as high as the others, but absolutely dreamy.

Embossed leather, Cynthia Vincent Shoes, $275; at shoplastyle.com.

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