Who the?

Posted on March 27, 2010


(Yeah, we all have made-up names because of, you know, the whole “This is the internet” thing)

We’re a crazy group of kids (two of us are adults, but not always grown-ups) who got brought together through either very good luck, or the law of averages, depending on who you ask.

Flitryss is also called “Mom”.  She’s a woman in her early thirties who loves too many things, has too many things, and most of the time can’t sort all of her ideas, ideals, obsessions, and loves into a coherent sentence.

Lilly is a ten year old girl child, and she’s the one who calls Flitryss “Mom”.   She literally cannot form a coherent sentence.  Her brain is busy all the time and she stutters with entire words and phrases rather than just syllables.  She often seems to live in her own little world.

Sneau is the man of the house, he came along a couple of years ago and was too fantastic for the girls not to keep.  Luckily, he and his boy children fit right in.

Obi is Sneau’s younger son.  He’s adorable, quiet, and methodical.

Egan is the older boy who is listening to 80s alternative music, wearing his dad’s old Smiths tee shirt, and finally got coerced into not wearing pants that were literally falling apart at the seams anymore.

Brighton is the family dog.  She’s a pit bull puppy who is a source of entertainment all by herself.  The family adopted her when she was about 7 months old.