Posted on March 28, 2010


Somehow Easter has managed to sneak up on me.  A few weeks ago I thought it felt like time to get the decorations out, but since the decorations involve a whole bunch of stuffed animals sitting around the living room, and that + Millie being in her chew phase would = utter devastation, I left them downstairs in the club house.

It just dawned on me that Easter is next Sunday and I haven’t gotten ready for it at all.  The kids (including Daniel) will need Easter treats and because Teenager is vegan he requires a little bit of extra thought in the treat department.  Hooray for giving myself one more thing to stress about!

I’ll post pictures here and pretend I decorated.  How does that sound?  ALL of the bunnies were Lo’s when she was tiny.  She went through a bunny phase and Grandma is always happy to oblige with far too many gifts related to whatever the kidlets are into at any given time, or well after that time in most cases  (I think I was 27 before she caught on that I wasn’t into the same teddy bear figurines I had been into when I was 11).

These are the bunnies who sat on the fireplace hearth last year

And this is what the fireplace mantel is supposed to look like this time of year

We always decorate sugar cookies and eggs the week before Easter, but I don’t have a gluten free sugar cookie recipe.  I put out an SOS on Twitter asking for help,  so wish me luck or it’ll be just eggs for us, and a world without cookies isn’t a world I want to live in!