So Close, Yet So Far Away

Posted on March 28, 2010


Have you ever had one of those friends where you don’t see them often, and sometimes go for long periods of time without speaking, but you know you’re friends and you know the next time you see them you’ll still be friends just like it was yesterday that you hung out?

Several years ago I was in the card section at Target and a girl walked past me.  I turned, noticed her, and said “Super Lori” … This was a good friend who I had pretty much lost touch with,, and here she was in the same aisle at Target.

I met Super Lori  during our first month of  college.   She was this sort of hippie looking girl with straight blonde hair down to her waist and she approached  me on a bus and asked “So, do you like punk rock?” I replied that I did, and she asked if I liked Assorted Jellybeans. That’s a band as well as a treat.

That bus was on its way from Rexburg, Idaho to the Teton National Park in Wyoming where we were going to be “Weekend Warriors” at a hotel group in the park after a lot of the seasonal workers had moved on to their Winter jobs at ski resorts.  We went up every weekend for a little while and became friends.

That year at school we had a lot of adventures.  I wasn’t a very dedicated student, and Super Lori once told me that the Green Day song about wasting time was my theme song.  She was right.

Now we’re in our 30s and have families and I’m sure that both of us have to put “Waste time” on the schedule, and always end up having to reschedule it.  Super Lori and I ended up living in the same city.  Not just the same city, but pretty much just across the expressway from each other.  When is the last time I saw her? More than two years ago…  Probably close to three.  Why is that? I don’t have a clue. We talk about getting together and something always comes up.  Our lives are very different and in a lot of ways I am envious of hers.  She gets to stay at home with her two little kids and is extraordinarily crafty, neither of which applies to me.  On the other hand, I get to take naps whenever I want, which doesn’t apply to her. Differences aside, time commitments aside, we are friends and I feel like we should nurture our friendship.

I often feel like I don’t “have time”  for many of my friends but I think that’s a crap excuse.   We’re practically right across the street!

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