A Post About How There Is No Post

Posted on April 3, 2010


I had totally intended to post my outfit from Friday.  I learned that in order to make these posts, the outfit photos must be taken in the morning before work, and here’s why:

These shoes were comfortable for about 0 minutes but I wore them anyway.  Likely the last time.

Black and Cream Spectator Pumps, Isaac Mizrahi for Target (new via Salvation Army) $5

So uncomfortable, in fact, that halfway through the day when I found these shoes in the back seat of my car (I took them off the other day and traded them for flats to drive because their heels are so high).  They are actually not uncomfortable.  They can be worn all day except for driving.

Black Guess peep toe spectator platform stilettos, Scored at DSW for 80% off which made them around $11.00

I decided that the black shoes wouldn’t look as cute as the spectator shoes, and the cream in the shoes matched the cream in my earrings, so I suffered through my day until it was time to go back to my office at about 3:45, at which time I changed into these in the parking lot.  They were in the way back of my car for a reason I don’t remember right now.

Brown Azaleia Mary Janes, from Nordstrom Rack a very long time ago.

It was okay because I was just in my office, at my desk, and for less than an hour so I didn’t care what I looked like.  I did, however manage to sneak into the shop and surprise my coworker who exclaimed “I didn’t hear you come in! You put on quiet shoes!”

After I got home, I could easily have put the spectators back on for pictures, but then Daniel wanted to give me a big hug and crack my back but my earrings were sort of stabbing me, so I took them out.

Pink and cream earrings, thrft scored for a quarter. Penny to show their massive(ly awesome) scale.

After that, Cousin nuzzled my leg after eating a cookie and this happened to my jeans:

Cookie Slobber!

And then it was all down hill.  I took my contacts out and went from this

Lancome eyeshadow with a lot more pigment than I expected. "Too Dark" for a work day but I wore it anyway. Necklace $2 clearance at Torrid, Green Top Ann Taylor Loft ages ago, Black cardigan Eddie Bauer clearance.

To this…

Glasses plus too-dark eyeshadow is a no-no in my world.

Which breaks my rules about heavy eye makeup plus glasses that very likely stem from Junior High.

And all of that is why there isn’t a “Closet Exploration” post for Friday. Wondering yet why I call it Adventures and Mishaps?