Totally Understandable, They’re Just Your Kids, After All.

Posted on April 3, 2010


Several months ago, Teenager decided that he was “Too Cool For School” … Literally.  he enrolled in an alternative high school and quickly stopped going.  First he told us he was on school break until January, and then in January he told us that he had finished the course work and just needed to take his GED test but that the next one wasn’t until March.  Now it is the end of March, and when asked when the test was, he said that he thought it was this Saturday.  When Daniel asked the boys’ mom about it, she said she didn’t think that Teenager had registered for it yet, and then when Daniel mentioned that maybe as Teenager’s mother, she should either help him do it, or do it for him and then tell him when he was to go take it, her response was something along the lines of 

“I hardly have time to do the things I need to do for me, much less all of the things they want or need.”

Awesome.   It’s neat that you have a kid in high school (sort of), a third grader, and a brand new baby… You know, because you’re such a caring and devoted mother.