Sugar Cookies

Posted on April 4, 2010


I was pretty leery of gluten free sugar cookies.  My last try at GF cookies resulted in a barely edible chocolate chip cake like thing.

My sugar cookies, however, were good.  Really good.  The dough was smooth and easy to handle.  It wasn’t sticky.  The cookies are tender.  Not crispy, not fall-apart soft, just damn near perfect.  I want to play with the recipe a little bit more… You know, because “Damn near” isn’t the same thing as “Perfect”.

My sister came over to help make them.  I had mixed the dough beforehand to allow it time to chill, and it ended up that she mostly kept the dogs out of the kitchen while I rolled and cut the dough, which was an immense help!

We frosted them together, and she put the sprinkles on.

The best part was when my brother came over and said “They’re gluten free? You can’t even tell there’s anything weird about them at all.”