Posted on April 5, 2010


Cousin can’t live at his house any more, so he was staying with some of his boy’s friends for a while but now it looks like it is time for him to go to California because he can’t stay with them, either.  He came over last Thursday night and after his boy left, he spent a lot of his time watching out the window for his boy to come back.

He’s here because it was either here or the pound.  The Salt Lake County shelter system has more Pit Bulls than any other breed, something like 44%.  Even if that wasn’t the case, we couldn’t let him go there, so he came here.  He and Millie played all evening and then they both cried at bed time.  She didn’t want to leave him and he didn’t want to be left alone.

I set him up with a soft fuzzy pink blanket by the window.  He’s so evil, mean and tough… He cried all night.  He’s like a big baby.  Yes, he is big and yes he looks like a bad-ass, but just like any dog with a good owner, he’s sweet and calm and hell, he’s even got an advantage over our own dog in that he doesn’t want to eat our furniture!

He sleeps on the sofa.  Our dog looks at him like “Uhh… Mom’s going to yell at you.”  and when I don’t tell him to get off of the sofa, she looks at me like “Uh, how come he gets to be on there and I don’t?”  It’s because he gets to have different rules because he’s having a bad week.  It’s because he’s a guest.

Cousin on the Sofa

It’s because some probation officer decided that because he is an American Pit Bull Terrier he is as much a weapon as if he were a rifle, and now he doesn’t have a home, and he’s been being moved from place to place until he can find someone with the time, vehicle, and money to drive him to California where he will live for the next couple of years. That’s why.

You can see in his eyes that he’s a little bit sad and confused.  He’s warming up to us.  After being here a couple of days he decided that we were okay and climbed up onto my lap while I was watching TV.  I learned later that “Yeah, Cousin thinks he’s a lap dog” and it’s totally true.  He seems to have no idea that he weighs between 60 and 70 pounds, and that he’s very slobbery.  He has even started giving us kisses.

We’re all going to be sad when he leaves, which might have been yesterday.  He’s still here.  He might have left today.  We haven’t heard from his boy.  We’re too much in the puppy stage still with Millie to keep him, and Daniel said “He’s not ours, and he KNOWS he’s not ours” and he’s right, but still.  It’s hard.

It’s hard knowing that one person’s ignorance caused all of this pain.  Cousin’s boy cried.  Cousin cried.  I cried for both of them.  I’ll likely get a little teary when Cousin goes, like I am getting a little teary now.

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