Wow, What a Week (and it’s only Tuesday)

Posted on April 6, 2010


First of all, I am tired of the fake name thing.  The man of our house is Daniel.  Our dog is Millie.  After last night’s adventure, most of the world knows anyway… and at first I thought pseudonyms were a good way to sort of be anonymous but then I decided that it’s just sort of silly.

Plus, it’s a whole lot of work.  I have enough crap to keep track of.

Second: The Mishap of a lifetime… Last night,  a few minutes after I posted the entry about Cousin, I went to let the dogs in, and they were gone.

I posted something frantic on Twitter and then called our friend Chris to see if he could come help look for them.  He came to our neighborhood and joined us in driving around (in our separate cars) looking for the dogs.

Daniel found Cousin but Cuz wouldn’t get in the car with him.  He’s skittish around strangers, particularly adult males.  We’re pretty sure that it’s because he’s been passed around so much lately, but he knows that Jon is his boy and that none of these other guys are HIS.  Daniel called me and I drove over to where they were, and Cousin ran right to me.

We assumed that it was very likely that Millie had gotten picked up but Cousin had been unwilling to go along.  We waited and hoped.  I called a contact at the Salt Lake County animal shelter, and he was so nice, he put up with my frantic rambling and he even offered to swing by the shelter to see if Millie was in the after-hours drop off.  She wasn’t.

The SOS on Twitter got repeated a lot.  I wish I could thank all of the strangers, acquaintances, and friends-of-friends who passed on the link to the craigslist ad I had posted.  I of course want to thank our friends and family, but I can do that… thanking the entire internet will be quite a bit harder.

Finally some time after 11pm, we went to bed.  Cousin was acting strangely (more depressed and confused than normal) and it didn’t feel right to leave him upstairs alone, so we told him that he could come downstairs with us.

That big fool jumped right into bed, hopped over Daniel, and laid down half on top of my feet.  I didn’t argue, he’s warm!

This morning the tweeting continued, as did the facebook love.  I kept thinking of the cell phone commercial where they ass around the picture of the lost dog and then the guy brings the dog home to the little girl.

Now pause for the third thing: The adventure of the week.  My sister totally got married.  Last night, the guy Chris who came to help look for Millie was our friend.  Now he’s my brother-in-law.  Awesome.  They did it just like they should have, in a way that was totally “Them”.  They decided to do it, then went and did it.  Sue curled her hair and Chris wore a hoodie.  Both were in jeans.  They were kind of shaky and adorable about the whole thing.  I was glad I got to see it.

Now back to the dogs… I took the afternoon off work by telling my boss “My dog is missing and my sister’s getting married, so I think I’m going to take the afternoon off.  Is that okay?” We went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and right after we sat down, my phone rang.  I recognized the number even though it wasn’t programmed, and I said “Oh my God, I think it’s the shelter.” Sure enough, the sweet voice on the other end was April from the shelter telling me that Millie was there, and had been put in the after hours drop off. My voice was shaking and I wanted to scream!! THEY FOUND HER!!

I spent half of lunch texting and calling emailing and tweeting and trying to figure out how the hell to access facebook on my new phone (ps Millie ate my phone over the weekend, that counts as another interesting event for the week, I think) to let everyone know that she was safe, and to thank them for helping us.

Now it’s Tuesday night, I finally did the grocery shopping that should have gotten done over the weekend.  The laundry isn’t done.  I have no idea what I’m going to wear tomorrow.   The bathroom is a mess.

My little girl just came in to say goodnight.  I told her I thought she was already in bed.  She smiled,  said “Oh.  Goodnight” and turned around to go to bed.  Millie is in the corner sleeping on top of her heater vent.  Cousin is in his spot on the sofa.  Daniel is watching basketball or some such nonsense, and I’m about to drop.

This is home.

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