Skinnies + Flats = Squatty Looking

Posted on April 8, 2010


I think I won’t wear skinny jeans with flats again.  I think that’s for skinny people.

He thinks it's funny to make me laugh at picture time.

We’ll take it from the top.

I got the gold aviators at Kohl’s because I drove to St. George, Utah wearing my glasses and forgot to pack sunnies.  I rationalized the purchase of new ones because a) My other ones that I knew where they were at home were badly scratched, b) They were on sale 40% off and c) Duh, gold aviators.

The earrings I’ve had for a long time, I am fairly certain I got them from a “10 for $5” sale at Claire’s Boutique, but I can’t be sure.

I got the cardigan at Target on clearance years ago.

The green tunic is also from Target clearance years ago.  Weird.  No wonder I’m not allowed to do the grocery shopping anymore.

I accidentally grabbed the pile of dainty gold bangle bracelets when I was buying the new sunglasses at Kohl’s.  They were on the 80% off clearance rack so they were under three bucks.

The jeans are Dickies skinnies from Torrid.

I found the brown and brown buckle flats at Ross while on a shoe shopping date with Sarah several months ago.  I couldn’t not buy them, plus I didn’t have any brown flats.

This is how I pay him, I guess...

Bronze liquid eyeliner is probably old enough that I shouldn’t wear it anymore.  It was a buck at a gas station.