Wait, I look like an adult, and a professional?

Posted on April 10, 2010


After my last post, in which I felt really down on myself, I remembered what was the very best compliment I’ve probably ever had.

A few weeks ago, I traveled for work and I stopped into a local bakery to pick up some goodies for one of my customers.  An older couple was there stocking up on things to take back to their freezer because they live in a remote area (Southern Utah is full of remote areas).  We were talking and I mentioned picking up treats for clients, and the lady asked “Do you have a law firm down here?” I replied that I did not, and that I was in sales in the construction industry and that the treats were a thank-you for the customer because I am based about 4 hours away but they still buy quite a bit from me, despite the plummet in my industry.

I was on cloud nine.  I must have looked like an adult that day! I must have looked like a professional.  I must have looked like someone who had clients.  I must have looked posh enough to have a law firm.  It was a humongous confidence boost and I rushed through my day feeling like I could conquer the world.

Why can’t every day be like that?