Bare Legs!

Posted on April 13, 2010


This is yesterday’s outfit.  It was 60-something degrees outside so my white winter legs and I decided that we’d take a skirt for a spin.  In addition to being warm(ish) it was also windy.  I was very glad that I had bike shorts under my skirt when I got out of the car to pump gas and my skirt went flying.

I got the hot pink tee shirt on clearance at Eddie Bauer, and it’s one of those things that I wish I’d gotten multiples of.

The skirt is from Ross several years ago.  My sister and I went shopping and I found a whole pile of skirts, almost all of which are still summer staples for me.

The pointed toed shoes were on clearance at Famous Footwear for about $6 four years ago.  I bought two pairs in black and one in pink.  The pink pair left me recently, as a result of a tragic accident involving a puppy and her mouth.  The other black pair is still in its box.  They have very small kitten heel, less than an inch… They are pretty much perfect.

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