Pearls, red lipstick, and the most comfortable shoes ever.

Posted on April 15, 2010


I kind of felt an 80s mom vibe.

All I knew was that I wanted to wear these shoes.  They have memory foam bottoms so it’s like spending the day walking on my Tempurpedic mattress.

After the shoes, I decided on the button-down (Gloria Vanderbilt, thrifted at a store called “Somebody’s Attic” in a tiny town in Utah’s Cache Valley).  Whenever I go to Cache Valley I skip lunch or eat something as I drive so that I can rationalize popping into the little thrift store for a few minutes.  I always find neat things, and they have a 25 cent clothing rack which once yielded two wrap skirts.

The length of the shirt dictated the way my jeans needed to sit on my “waist” so I chose the jeans (See Through Soul, from Torrid) which I don’t normally wear to work because I have a stigma in my head against whiskered denim’s professionalism.

I added the cardigan to distract from the jeans.  I got it on clearance at Christopher and Banks a few years ago.  Christopher and Banks is my favorite secret weapon.  I have gotten quite a few great things from them over the years.  Their target customers are my mother, and teachers.  Once you get past the denim jumpers with stuff embroidered on them, and the snowflake-print turtlenecks, there are often treasures to be had, and their stuff lasts forever.

After I fixed my hair and put the comb in to hold back my bangs because they need to be trimmed but that requires taking the time to go downtown, I decided that I needed something else so I went to my closet-room and glanced around until I saw the pearl necklace (which I got from a thrift store and I’m not sure if it’s real or not but the fact that the beads are strung on a strand and it has a heavy duty gold clasp make me think maybe?).  Of course after adding the necklace I needed glossy red lips.  Obviously.

I can’t lie, the lips were gone before I even got to my office.  I wasn’t in the mood to maintain.  I switched to a bright gloss instead and my busy day thanked me.