I saved this skirt for Spring

Posted on April 16, 2010


I found this skirt at Thrift Town for $2.99 when it was very Winter.  I knew that the day would come when Spring would be here and it seemed like a perfect skirt for warm weather because of its vibrant colors and abstract pattern.  I heard it was going to hit 70 today and I decided that this was the day.  Because of its color palette, I can think of a zillion things to wear with it but for some reason my temptation is to dress it down with sandals and a tee shirt which today was not the day for because I had a day full of sales calls and I have learned that when I feel like I’m dressed too casually, I feel less confident.  When I am a little bit more dressed up, I feel like I can conquer the world, and I think it shows.

I have been busy this week and haven’t done laundry so a lot of things were dirty.  I put on the skirt first, then went for shoes, thinking that I’d find inspiration there.  First I tried on a pair of red patent pointy-toe mary janes but my boy said they were too bright when I asked.  Of course I knew they weren’t right or I wouldn’t have asked, but I’ll let him have the credit for saving the day.  I chose my vintage Bandolinos instead.  My mom found them at a thrift store, never worn, for $5 and thought I would like them.  She was right, and I bought my friend lunch after saying “I’ll bet you lunch they’re awful” when my mom told me she’d gotten me some red shoes at the thrift store.  Sometimes my mom is right, I guess. (ps Mom if you ever read this, I’m joking.)  The Bandolinos are either orange or red, depending upon who you ask.  I think they are an orangey-red.  Some people think they are red, only one person has ever said “Nice Orange Shoes”.

After being lazy with my laundry for the past couple of weeks, I went to a basket of clean clothes in the laundry room and found the orange tank top (from Torrid) and the gray cardigan (from Target).

I knew I needed balance… That I wanted more color on my top half.  I looked for earrings or a necklace but didn’t see anything inspiring, and then I remembered the animal pins.

My boy calls them my “Garanimals”.  They came from Thrift Town last year, still attached to the little card they originally came on.  They were made by Tupperware (!?!).   As soon as I walked into one of my work locations this morning, a girl exclaimed “Do you have animals on your sweater?” Followed by the best receptionist ever telling me how adorable I looked.  She always tells me that, but that’s not what makes her the best receptionist ever.  She’s pretty much an angel, and one of my favorite people in the whole world, in addition to being the hottest and most fashionable grandma I’ve ever heard of.  Anyway, my garanimals got lots of love today, even a male coworker who’s kind of the dad of the place commented on them.  My heart was happy.

After the animal pins got added, I saw my gray and yellow rectangle faced Harajuku Lovers watch and my yellow and white curly bracelet which I made one afternoon at my sister’s house and added those as well.   I put on pearl earrings but they felt too dressy with the plastic animals so I continued the wildlife theme with orange and white owl earrings, made by my sister, I think.  Maybe I made them? I have a few pairs with the same type of owl in different colors and configurations.