Brazen! Or Excited for Warm Weather

Posted on April 20, 2010


I love cardigans.  I love them a LOT.  My sister and I used to go “Cardiganing” which was essentially “Thrifting” with a cardigan focus.  As my style has evolved, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of the sweaters I once loved.  I’ve realized that thread-bare is thread-bare no matter how amazing something was when you found it, and that ill-fitting is ill-fitting no matter how fantastic and cheap and treasure-like something is.

Part of my cardigan obsession has to do with my perpetual state of feeling cold.  I sleep with an electric blanket.  Last year it went into storage for a few weeks in July, and that was it.

I’ve always joked about loving cardigans so much that unless it’s above 90 degrees, I’ll likely be wearing one.

In more recent years, the main reason for cardigans in recent years is that I feel so self conscious about my body, particularly my arms.  They are kind of grandma-esque.  If i won the lottery or had some other windfall, the first thing I would do (after the obvious like paying off my car/trading it in for some sort of European sport-wagon and buying a fantastic house) would be brachioplasty.  I’d  get my arms fixed. Maybe even before the other stuff.  Houses take time to find or build, and my vehicle is only a few months old.

I’m convinced he plans it so that the photos where I’m goofing off are the best ones.

Today the temperature was in the high 70s.  I did not wear a security blanket cardigan.  I wore this aqua top (from Nordstrom a couple of Summers ago) with a gray skirt (um, note to self: Stop wearing skirts on windy days!) from Target eons ago, my orange belt which I love and scored for a dollar at Salvation Army (New with Target tags still attached), and my bad casino carpet shoes (from Old Navy years ago, and probably due for retirement soon).  I love their shape, their colors, and the fact that they are velvety.

I got these earrings at Kohl’s when I accidentally wandered in looking for sunglasses on a St. George trip last year.  I’m going back next week, and packing sunglasses because it’s getting ridiculous and I have bought three new pairs the last month, one in St. George after forgetting them!  The necklace is from Torrid (clearance… I can’t pass up almost-free jewelry).

Again with the boy antics leading to weirdness in the pose department

The laugh lines on my face are from living each day with the most hilarious boy I’ve ever met.