No Post Yesterday… So we’ll have a list today.

Posted on April 20, 2010


I wore a new shirt from Sorry Clementine with skinnies and heels and spent my day in the car and hauling boxes so by the time I made it home, I was kind of a mess.

Instead of trying to think of something clever to write about, I messed with how the blog looks and made a little collage thing for the masthead.

I made curry for dinner, that was the highlight of the evening.

There’s SO much laundry to fold.

It’s going to be almost 80 degrees today and I haven’t prepared for wearing Summer clothes but that’s okay because this is Utah and it’ll be 50 tomorrow.  Seriously.

This month has gone by too quickly.  I haven’t accomplished anything and that’s rough.  That’s not true… I did pull a bunch of stuff out of my dresser drawers to get rid of, and I folded three slips.

The front yard is looking decent thanks to the boy’s diligence this weekend.  I wonder if there is any hope for the back yard.

We need to start working on our garden!