A Safari? Maybe, But a Really Stormy Rainy One.

Posted on April 21, 2010


By the end of the day (really by about an hour into the day) My hair was a mess and I kind of felt like a drowned rat.  It stormed all day, and it likely will again tomorrow.

This outfit, unlike my hair style, was a win.  If guys at work don’t act as if there’s something “different” about my outfits, I assume I’ve done something unoriginal.  My boss asked if I was going on a safari.  I went into this story about how not really, because I had to wear glasses today so I couldn’t wear my leopard-print earrings which would have gone fabulously with the outfit.  He tuned me out.  Later, my favorite truck-driving redneck said “Just because she’s wearing a zebra skirt…” and then didn’t elaborate or anything, but I did offer to let him borrow it if he wanted to.

Strangers noticed too.  The girl at the cookie shop (where I stopped to grab a cookie for the best office admin probably ever) said “I love our outfit!” as I tumbled from the rainy sidewalk into the shop.

I almost wore jeans today, but I changed my mind for no real reason, other than I wanted to wear that same pair of jeans tomorrow and between work and dog,  it’s risky to plan to get two wears out of a pair of jeans.  That led me to need a skirt, so I decided to wear this new zebra skirt (from Torrid last week during extra 50% off clearance).  I pullled out a pair of capri-length footless tights but because of the weather I felt like I needed something a little bit thicker so I went with these black leggings (from Ann Taylor Loft a few months ago during an extra 40% off clearance sale).  They still had the tags on… I’m not much of a leggings kid.

My eye was bothering me so I decided against contacts and I thought that these glasses would contrast nicely with the zebra skirt/leggings combo to up the nerd factor and down play the part where I hear that “1985” song in my head.

Because the glasses are brownish, I chose the brown tee shirt (five bucks at a Shade Clothing warehouse sale last Summer) and the bronze shoes.  I got the shoes at Famous Footwear a month or so ago, they were marked down to $25 and rang up $5 so I ran back and grabbed a pair in black as well.  They feel like slippers.  After adding the bronze, I thought of the ring and swapped a plain black cardigan for this “pearl” button one (from Ross years ago). and while I was at it with the gold metallic stuff I added the wide belt (also from Torrid’s extra sale last weekend).

I went to leave for work and had to go back inside because “I forgot the ring, and it’s the whole reason I wore this sweater” which got a sort of “Oh my God you’re kind of crazy” laugh from my boy.  It’s extra super fancy… The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it, plus it was the last one, and it was my size, and it’s from Torrid so mine is the smallest size and they almost never have rings small enough so even though it was full price, I bought it (and got a full-price bracelet for half price because of their deal trickery).