Good thing I wore this jacket, I found snow. (gross)

Posted on April 22, 2010


Today was cold.  I saw snow.  Not snow on the ground waiting to melt, but snow coming from the sky.  It was gross, but at least I was in my car at the time.

I wanted to be comfy and able to move today because I had to install stuff and carry heavy boxes and generally run around like a mad woman.  I also wanted to have some degree of professionalism involved, because I had meetings scheduled.  In good weather it would have been easy, I would have worn a skirt and a sweater.  Because it was so cold, I needed to put more thought into it.  This orange tee shirt (from a Shade Clothing warehouse sale) is stupid long, so I knew it needed to be a part of my outfit, as well as the LOFT jeans because I like their length and they allow me to move without having to worry about them unrolling or being too long or misbehaving (falling down) the way skinnies sometimes do.  I also wanted to wear this purple LOFT tee shirt because I like it with the burnt orange.  I added the jacket for warmth and because I realized that I had purged most of its kind last year and hadn’t worn it since, so if I didn’t wear it, it would have to go away and I didn’t want that.  It’s the only thrift-awesome  jacket I have that fits the way a blazer should (the shoulders are the right width, and it buttons neatly).

I had planned to wear dark brown pointed toe loafer heels, but someone went into my bedroom while I was getting dressed and ate them.  I thought the boy was watching her, so I left the door open.  We shared the blame, and now I get to am forced to go shoe shopping to replace them.  It really is kind of a bummer because I loved them.  I’ve had them for years and wear them regularly, which is saying a lot.  I decided that the brown deck shoes would be more practical and went with those.  Then I added this fancy brooch to the mix to dress it up a little bit.  And so I would feel as if I was dressed like I did in my college days when one might have asked if I dressed like a boy on purpose (and I would have answered yes.  Not because I wanted to be a boy or anything like that, just because I didn’t want to dress like a girl because I didn’t feel like it ever worked for me).

I know that the brooch came from a thrift store, I just can’t remember where or when.  My gut says it’s from the Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store in Emmett, Idaho.  Yeah, you’ll never go there.