Surviving a Zombie Outbreak

Posted on April 23, 2010


I moved my office last month, and now I am back working with all of the boys I used to work with before my job changed about a year and a half ago.  I missed them.  There is one other girl at our branch, and we’ve bonded over the fact that we’re both pretty darn awesome, and the fact that we are the only chicks, and the fact that we both have some stress/anxiety issues.  We were discussing ways to relax and she mentioned this catalog of adult education classes offered at community learning centers in our area.

Here is the cover of the catalog, so those of you who live in Utah can watch for it in your mail pile…

There are a couple of classes about meditation and whatnot, but the one that she pointed out as particularly interesting was the one called “Surviving a Zombie Outbreak”.  She was surprised that they offered it, and thought maybe they weren’t serious.  I assured her that this was serious.  What a great idea for a class.  I mean , sure you could take karate or macrame (actually I think I would like to learn macrame and I didn’t look to see if the offered it), or you could even take sewing, cake decorating, or meditation classes.  There is also one called “Yoga on the Ball” and I’m sure that would be beneficial, but seriously?  Zombies are a real threat and preparedness is of the utmost importance.

The class is being offered in the Granite Peaks Skyline center.  Get ready.

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