Another One About How There Isn’t One

Posted on April 30, 2010


Once again, the lack of an outfit post is thanks to a dog.  I stopped by the Pet Adoption event to drop off some blankets for the dogs, because it was unseasonably cold and will be so all weekend.  I stopped by the Pit Crew booth and ended up with Max (The Salt Lake County Pit Crew was calling him Tigger, but I think that dogs should have fun kid names, so it’s changed now).  Daniel said I should look for an ugly dog to be Millie’s brother, but that didn’t work out, he’s gorgeous.  He’s a Pit/Boxer mix and they think he’s about 11 months old.

I guess you can see a peek of my purple dress and brown pirate boots on te very edge of the photo.  My guy took this while we were at the Pet Super Adoption in Salt Lake City.

Here he is at home.  He looks so small in this picture.  He’s impressively large, to the point that once people saw him and Millie next to each other, they commented on the fact that they are both so large for Pits.  She is almost as big as he is, and they have a great time playing together.

[note about the above photograph: I promise we clean our floor! The bamboo that was over the wood got pulled up yesterday and now  it just needs a good cleaning with Murphy’s Oil Soap and it’ll be fine.]

As for my purple dress, it spent quite a while with Max on its lap, sitting on a curb in the rain, so it was not in the mood for pictures by the time we got home.

I was not in the mood for pictures either, which is why I immediately changed into this.

Daniel bought the Corvette tee shirt at a thrift store, but it was too small for him.  It became mine.  My friend gave me the gray jeans (Gap) a few years ago when she gave me all of her fat clothes.  She’s still skinny, I still wear them.  I know they are saggy, etc. so I promise they are house jeans.