Lemon Cookies

Posted on May 2, 2010


I debated in my head, and took an internet vote to decide whether these needed a lemony glaze or a lemony buttercream frosting.  Daniel forgot to grab a lemon at the store, so that sealed the fate of the buttercream winning.  I would have done half and half but I didn’t mind skipping out on extra labor, and the recipe isn’t quite perfect, so I’ll have to try again and now I have an extra excuse!

I used essentially the same recipe that I used for the Easter Sunday cookies, but I changed up the flour mixture and added a little bit of sweet sorghum flour, soy flour, and corn flour (masa harina… actual corn flour as opposed to corn meal).  They aren’t as light as they were last time which I expected, but they are heavier.  I think next time no soy and less sorghum.  I wanted to see if they’d work with those flours because they are more nutritious than rice, potato, and tapioca flours are.

My sister helped Li’l frost them while I got the quiche going for dinner.  It made it into the oven at about 9 and takes 40 minutes to cook, so we’re pretty much screwed as far as dinner tonight.  At least there’s a ton of laundry to fold so D was planning on a late night of watching whatever sport is on TV anyway (Yes, he folds the laundry.  Yes, I am aware that I am among the luckiest girls in the world).

We debated sprinkles, but decided to go for it because hell, what’s a little bit more sugar?  I’m not worried about the pretty factor of them, they’re going to go to work with me tomorrow and since I mostly work with men, we know that nobody’s going to care what they look like.

They taste pretty good, I’m getting closer to perfection.

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