Blues and Bows

Posted on May 4, 2010


Wind, and a really big puppy, and my weedy back yard.

I left the photo uncropped so that I could complain about the fact that this tree is unbearable.  It loses leaves in the fall, and in the spring, the slightest breeze makes the little petals go all over the place.  This is not the only tree of its kind on our property, we have two others in the front.  They’re lucky they’re pretty.

I got the bronze cardigan at Ross years ago.  The blue top is recent, from Ann Taylor Loft (40% off clearance plus 30% off with a friends and family email).  It will get a lot of wear because it’s got a whole ton of distracting details.  There’s the interesting print, plus the tie at the neck, and it also has little gathers beneath the bust.

The wedge espadrilles are Anne Klein via Nordstrom Rack a couple of Summers ago.  I absolutely adore them.  They are one of the things I own but don’t wear often for fear of destroying them, and that is something I’m working to correct (not just with these shoes, but with everything in that category.  What good does it do to have pretty things if neither I nor anyone else gets to enjoy them?