Saltwater Sandals

Posted on May 6, 2010


My red sandals were boxed away for the winter, and while I was tempted to bring them out on some of the warm days we had in March, I convinced myself that they deserve better.  They deserve to have actual warm weather, not the teasers that Utah spring provides.  Also, they deserve to be put on feet that have had a pedicure to de-winterize them.

Today was the day!  Putting them on felt a litle bit like coming home.  They felt like one of those delicious Summertime rituals, like the first iced coffee the minute it feels too warm for hot coffee,  or the first time you step outside in short sleeves and feel nothing but warmth on your arms.

Last spring, I was suuuuper depressed about my lack of footwear choices.  I broke my ankle in January and got out of my series of boots and braces the last week of April.  I started physical therapy and the therapists seemed like I was a little bit silly for stating “I want to be able to wear heels again” as one of my goals.  I really didn’t think I would, so I started scoping out cute flat alternatives, since orthopedic shoes really aren’t my thing.

At some point in the Spring,  I saw a girl on Wardrobe_Remix with the most adorable navy blue sandals.  They were flat and looked almost like they were made for children which put them right up my alley.  Their abundance of thick straps made them look very sturdy, and the girl was kind enough to identify them as Saltwater Sandals.  I googled them immediately and found them online.  I debated long and hard between red, yellow, and navy.  Being a firm believer in the fact that great red shoes are a must-have for every girl and woman, I chose the red ones.  I wore them about a zillion times last year and they still look brand new.

Now for the important part.  This is very, very important.  Please leave a comment telling me your vote.  My entire future depends on you. (Not really, but pleease!) I need to know which color to buy next: Yellow, Navy, or Dark Brown?