More Bows

Posted on May 9, 2010


This navy blue bow top is fairly new.  It’s by Tulle, and I snagged it at Hip & Humble in Salt Lake City for 75% off.  It is sleeveless, and I didn’t notice until the end of the day that it has POCKETS so I’m sure that from now on, rather than wearing it as an under layer, it will get lots of wear as an over layer.

I bought these shoes on the same girl shoe shopping trip as my brown and bronze buckle flats and rationalized them because they were sturdy, comfortable, red, had amazingly cute details (Hello, a flower) and decently rubbery soles.  When I got them, Winter was coming and I “Needed” Winter shoes.  I wear them quite a bit.

The lovely scar on my ankle is not so much an accessory, as it is a constant reminder that I literally work myself to the bone some days.  Really it’s like a badge of courage.  I joke about getting a tattoo over it of the brand logo for the product I was out repping when the break happened. Don’t worry, I’m not going that far.