Back to Life

Posted on May 16, 2010


I’ve been out of town working for most of the past two weeks.  One of them I had my laptop with me, but after a particularly tough couple of days, instead of writing  blog posts, I opted for a steak dinners  with plenty of wine to wash it all away.  Last week I didn’t even bother taking the computer with me because I knew I would likely not have any time for it, and I was correct.  My trips were great, but now it’s Sunday and I feel like I need to catch up… Not just here, but everywhere, so here goes a jumble of posting all rolled into one.

Because I haven’t posted Wednesday Wants for two weeks, I’ll start with this really big want: I saw a Kate Spade Dress a while back, and I thought how perfect it was.  It has a fantastic large all-over print (airplanes!), big-ish buttons, a swingy skirt (my hips like those) and distracting details on the bodice.  Now it is on sale, still perfect, and still out of my budget, unless I want it to be the only thing I buy for the rest of the Summer.  Maybe I could make some sort of challenge for myself out of it.  Maybe I could do a “Most Expensive Dress I’ve Ever Even Considered Buying” challenge in which I remix it once a week for several months.  I honestly think I could do it.  I read other blogs, and some of the writers have seemingly endless wardrobes, and some of them have beautiful but very pared down wardrobes yet are very talented at mixing things up.  I wish I was brave enough to have a small one, and someday I might get there.

I’ve been desperately needing to clean out my closet for months.  The final straw was having a close look at my mother’s home and realizing that I have a lot of the same “gatherer” tendencies that she does.  She calls it “gathering” … The rest of the world calls it “hoarding”.   I even told her that the things about her that I see in myself make me a little bit sick inside and fill me with a need to change, and quick.  I almost lost it at about 11pm Friday as my sister, her husband, and I were pulling stuff out of Mom’s garage to attempt to sort through it.  There was a huge clear contractor-size garbage bag full of odd socks.  I have a basket of them.  Maybe two.  Someday maybe I’ll have a monstrous trash bag of them buried deep inside a two car garage that is stuffed floor to ceiling and front to back with boxed, baskets, and bags of things.  I took pictures.  There will be another post on that.  Maybe even a book.  I spent Saturday making Mom cry (not meaning to, but needing to get a huge job done).  Her home has to be empty by mid-July.  Her home is four bedrooms stuffed nearly the same way as the garage.  There are paths through the living room and the dining room.  We had a yard sale on Saturday.  We didn’t even make it through half of the garage, much less start on the house.  I am sunburned and frustrated, but hopeful that both of us can figure out how to stop.  Her because I don’t know how she’ll survive if it continues, and me because I see what will happen if I let it get out of control.

Last night, after all of that, I attended Salt Lake City’s Fashion Night Out.  It was a runway show at a large local club/venue that featured local boutiques.  It was great to be there and I enjoyed seeing it, but one of the shops announced that they have “Leasing Options” for one of their handbags.  I am very much looking forward to Fashion Stroll this Friday night, which features local designers (including Sorry Clementine) and will likely be much more my speed.

Today I have been cleaning out my closet.  I have made piles (I’m really good at making piles):

  • swap: I want to organize a clothing swap party where my gals bring their cast-offs and trade around, with everything still unwanted getting donated afterward.
  • vintage radness: Vintage things that I can’t bear to part with… Until I sell them.
  • trish suhr: Things that I love and are within an inch of fitting (because she says that it’s okay to keep things that are one size up and one size down.)
  • winter: Because it (finally) isn’t Winter anymore.

And now tonight, I’m going to eat a barbecued cheeseburger at my sister’s house, possibly with my other sister, and it will be delicious.  Daniel is staying home to work on chores.  Or watch golf on TV, which is fine because he’ll get to the chores.  He really will, even if he procrastinates to the last second.  He’s much better about chores than I am.  If I didn’t already love him for about a bazillion reasons, I’d love him for that.