Millie Hurt her Hand

Posted on May 18, 2010


Millie hurt her hand today.  She was scratching at the wooden fence between our yard and the neighbor’s (the new neighbors have two dogs, or maybe they have no dogs and their vagrant children and/or the friends of their vagrant children have dogs, but whatever.)  She had managed to pull her paw-nail off and was bleeding pretty badly so she got to go on a car ride to the vet, where she got a pretty green bandage and some antibiotics.

She’s been pretty out-of-sorts all afternoon and evening, just laying about as if she’s trying to get comfortable but can’t… which is understandable.  I can’t even begin to imagine how painful it must be.  Max is so, so sweet to her, he was laying next to her on the love seat so I snapped some pictures.  I couldn’t decide which one of these I wanted to share, so I’m sharing both of them.

I love this one because of the way her hand is on his arm.

Her eyes are so droopy and sad, it’s just like having a sick human kid, how you just want to hold and cuddle them.  Also like a sick human kid, I feel bad for her because she hurts, but she’s so hyperactive that I’m sort of relishing this cuddly baby stuff.

This one shows her bandage better. Poor Girl!

Her bandage can come off tomorrow, and she has antibiotics to take.  I hope we can keep her from digging in the dirt and such, I assume that as an animal, she will figure out how to avoid damaging it further.