It’s Thursday. Where the hell was Wednesday?

Posted on May 27, 2010


This has been a strange week for a lot of reasons.

We have company in town.  We have a leaky downstairs. Li’l is gone to Yellowstone with Grandma all week.  Daniel and his homies were gone to Arches National Park for a few days.  I have things going on that I can only talk about as “Ninja Adventures” because I can’t talk about them even though they are consuming my thoughts every minute.

The “U” key on my laptop keyboard is having issues so I have to backspace a lot.

I wore the same thing today as I wore one day last week, but with different shoes and jewelry.  That’s how un-effing-motivated I feel.  I’m excited for a long weekend and really, really hoping that next week brings a little bit more calm as things get back to normal.

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