It’s Thursday, So It’s Pretty Much The Weekend.

Posted on June 3, 2010


The weekend kicks off with “Long Lunch Friday”. Um, it’s not any sort of official happening, but Girl Co-Worker and I are going out to lunch. Downtown. On a patio.

Also, Sephora is finally opening a (real) store in (real) Utah.  They’ve had a little fake store in a JC Penny up north, but I don’t think that counts. It opens at the Fashion Place Mall tomorrow.

Saturday brings Pet Bull Palooza which is a gathering of families of Pit Bulls and other Short Haired Muscular Mutts.  My two four-legged kids fall into the latter category.  They are Pit Bull mixes, Millie is who-knows-what… We’re convinced she has a good bit of goofy Labrador in her, among other things.  Max looks pretty even Pit-Boxer.  Both of them are fantastic.

Sunday is the annual Pride Festival in Salt lake.  The Pit Crew is participating in the parade this year.  I don’t know that we’ll make it downtown for the parade, but we will make it down for Craft Sabbath.  If you’re not familiar, it’s a bunch of local artists selling their wares on 3rd South and about 3rd East (at NoBrow Coffee and Tea) .  They gather the first Sunday of every month to share their goodies with the world.  The weather should be nice, and the artists will all be able to have their booths set up outside, so it’s all very exciting.  I saw some of the things that Sorry Clementine has been working on… rumor has it there will be more available than just cute tops!  I got a bag from her last week, and it’s pretty darn fantastic.  Also, last month City Dogs came out with their all vegetarian hot dog cart goodness, and I’m wondering if they will again.  Second to bagels, their dogs are what I miss most about eating wheat.

And then, a nap.

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