Jeans and a Tee Shirt? Yup.

Posted on June 3, 2010


I will admit that I did not go to work in jeans and a tee shirt.  I do have a dress code for myself.  I wore a dark brown short sleeved blazer, which I took off when I got back to my office at about 3:30 and then left in the car when I got home.  It’s like a hundred degrees today. Not really, I don’t know if we even hit 80, but whatever, it’s Summer and it’s awesome.

Care to vote on big cuffs with my short legs?

All you really need to know about is the necklace.  How completely rad is it? Super completely.  My daughter gave it to me for Mother’s Day this year, and I’ve already worn it twice.   She made it at “School” with her stepmom (side note: I’m pretty lucky that she scored a stepmom who not only facilitates her unschooling but also helps her to do terrific craft projects.)  It’s made from Sculpy, which is a polymer clay.  She made the beads, then glazed and baked them and built the necklace.   She went to the website of the product that I sell to get her inspiration for the color scheme, and said “I thought it would help with sales” … How cute is that?  One of those moments where I am glad to realize that she is still my little girl, no matter what she does that sometimes says otherwise.

Probably I have the best daughter ever.

Then there are the shoes.  In my old age I have given up on Payless Shoes, because despite the low price, I have found little value.  These are a few years old, and get a decent amount of wear, especially in the Summer, because I find them so completely adorable.

I think they look like Spring.