I Learned a Lot Today.

Posted on June 7, 2010


This is Day One of Already Pretty’s Summer Black-out Challenge and I’ve already learned a lot.  I didn’t learn anything magical about the wearing or not wearing of black, but I did learn that this purple color doesn’t do anything for me.  Also, these shoes make me look squatty if I wear them with jeans.  I blamed it on the skinny jeans last time, but it happened again today with different jeans.  They get one more try, with a skirt, and then they can go find a new home.  What on earth is wrong with them that they want to make such a mockery of my short legs?


Close your eyes, this is really bad.  Daniel took probably a zillion photos and they were all horrible, so I finally busted out a zombie robot pose and called it a day.  Sure enough, the zombiebot was the best photo, so here it is.

See?? I warned you. I'm not the self-depricating type but seriously.

In addition to being a terrible color on me, the cut of this top hates my arm flab. A lot.  It hates it so much it wants to hold up a banner that says “Holy hell, look at this girl’s arm flab!” Seriously.  My sister, her serger, and some scissors are going to happen to this shirt before I wear it again.  I do like the neck line of the top. A lot.

And, because I sound all negative, we’ll switch gears now.  Did you SEE the thing in my hair? It’s pretty fantastic, I think.  Not even.  I know.


I’m totally tooting my own horn.  I made it.  My sister taught me how, then I did it.  I can’t lie, I was ready to give up after about ten minutes.  This is why I don’t craft… I get big ideas but I’m not good at finishing them because I get bored and frustrated at the imperfections.  It took me most of Saturday evening.  Don’t tell Li’l but I’ve made a similar one for her as well.  Her birthday is tomorrow. I’ll get all weepy about how life has changed in the past ten years tomorrow.