One Last Hoorah for These Shoes

Posted on June 10, 2010


I need to paint my fingernails.  Really I need a full-on manicure, but I’m willing to settle.  I went to the craft store today and bought some supplies to make Li’l Girl a hippie skirt, and I accidentally got felt and such to make more hair things.

Now to the important stuff.  It’s day four of the Black-Out Challenge, and I’m all in.  I even did impromptu laundry last night.  That’s saying a lot.

It was a sad day too, but one that I’ve known was coming for quite some time.  It was the last day for these red pointy toed mary janes.  This is sad, but also happy, because, um, now I need new sexyish red shoes.  Oops.

Bye, bye shoes...

Why are they going? You can see the creases in the toes… You can’t see the fact that the bottoms are falling off and the inner soles are shredded.  They’ve served me very, very well and I will miss them but I’m excited to get some good quality investment-piece shoes to replace them.

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