Your Slip is Showing. Is That on Purpose? (Last Friday)

Posted on June 14, 2010


I took the day off on Friday, and then ended up needing to schedule a meeting for the afternoon.  It was chilly, but I really wanted to wear this skirt, so I did. I let the slip hang out deliberately.  The first time I did this, a few months ago, my mother pulled me aside and whispered “Your slip is showing.  Is that on purpose?” When I told her it was, she replied that she’d thought so, and just wanted to make sure [that I was as nuts as she thought].

Most of what I’m wearing is remixed, and what isn’t is handmade, vintage/thrifted, or old but not worn here yet… And I like it.  I got the green suede loafers at Gap five years ago while we were on vacation in Southern California, the navy slip was thrifted sometime this Winter.


Daniel and I went out for dinner (La Puente in Millcreek… YUM!) and upon arriving home, I made him take a picture with his phone because the camera battery was dead and I was desperate for fleecey pajama pants.