Poor Sad Muffin

Posted on June 18, 2010


A couple of days after Lil’s birthday barbecue, there was an unfrosted cupcake still in the fridge.  Daniel pulled it out of the container it was in, acting sort of annoyed at the space it was taking up, and exclaimed “Nobody’s gonna eat that sad plain muffin” and it seemed as if he was going to toss it in the trash can.

Then, very suddenly


It was adorable.

He took pity on that poor sad cupcake.

He’s such a hero.

He gave it a nice new home because he wanted it to have a happy ending to its life.

It got to snuggle with Lemonade Swirl ice cream in its final moments.  What a lucky little cupcake.

Daniel got all shy and embarrassed when I was taking pictures.  He said I was going to make fun of him on the internet.  I assured him I was not.

This isn’t making fun, this is telling the world how adorable he is.

Even when he “talks southern” … Maybe especially when he does … That’s a cupcake.  Not a muffin. Or, is it a muffin because it’s plain?  Feel free to vote. I think it’s still a cupcake, because it’s made from cake batter and not muffin batter.

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