Breaking the Rules

Posted on June 21, 2010


Black Dress, Navy Sweater, Brown Shoes.  Yeah, on purpose.  I like it.
I spent most of the day in a pick-up truck, and my dress didn’t like that very much.
This dress has only been worn once before, and not to work.  I was a little bit scared of wearing it to work and by 8:30 this morning I was convinced I’d been right.  I managed to fight and pull it into submission all day long, but the length and neckline combined with the wrinkle factor, I feel like the dress is better suited for a casual Summer occasion than a busy day in my work life.

The shoes get to stay. The last two times I’ve worn them it has been with pants, and I haven’t liked the way they made my legs look.  I wanted to wear them with a skirt or dress to give them a last chance, and luckily everything worked out fine.