Thrift Stores Do Exist

Posted on June 29, 2010


I think we Thrift Store Kids have all noticed by now that times have changed. Tee shirts that were a buck, maybe two, are now three bucks, or four. Granted, that is still cheap, considering that we could easily pay 20 bucks or more for a rad tee shirt elsewhere. Tee shirts aren’t the biggest problem, they just happen to be what I stumbled across today. Thrift stores, even church owned ones, have become wise. They seem to think that they should be charging huge prices for items they consider to be collectibles. On top of that, there is often very little consistency in their pricing methods. I run into this a lot with Pyrex. I even left a set of Cinderella Bowls that were one of my favorite patterns, which I don’t have the complete set of, because I couldn’t bring myself to pay close to thirty bucks for bowls that were not in great condition. Those three little bowls should have been five dollars or less a piece. There is no reason for a thrift store to sell things for the same prices (or more) than an antique store.  I asked the lady at Thrift Town about the ridiculous pricing on the bowls and she said they “Have a book back there” that tells them how to price all of the items.  This pricing debacle doesn’t only pertain to those of us who go to thrift stores to hunt for treasures. What about people who honestly cannot afford to pay full retail and go to thrift shops out of necessity? Why should they have to pay more for a crap tee shirt or a dirty sweater than they could get it on clearance for at Target? Seriously… I’ve seen stained cardigans for eight dollars.  Really?

Have thrift stores ruined it? Have we ruined it? Have E-bay and Etsy ruined it?   It would be different if the stupidity was consistent.  I have seen a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress at Thrift Town for thirteen dollars, and just this week I purchased a pair of brand new red Taryn Rose peep toe flats for four dollars (Heart attack? Yeah me too. They weren’t my size. Luckily, they are Li’l Beans’ size.  Even if they weren’t, I likely would have purchased them anyway for that price.)

Who knows… the important thing is that I’ve discovered a way around it. You just have to be willing to drive about a hundred miles out of your way. A tiny town, about forty miles off the interstate, yielded these tee shirts, for a dollar each.  A dollar. Like the good ol’ days.