The Arms Came Out

Posted on July 6, 2010


Daniel didn’t notice my new hair… When I gave up and pointed it out, he said he had noticed it had less gray in it. Um. Yeah. I forgive him, even though my coworkers noticed immediately.  One day my hair was “Blond” (quotes because it wasn’t entirely blond).  The next day it was brown.  I did it because I got tired of the time and cost associated with lighter hair.  I have a lot of grays and they get unruly especially when added to grown-out brown roots.

I went sleeveless all day today.  There were a couple of points when I felt very aware of my arm flab but I made it through.  This is the Summer of becoming okay with my arms, and I feel like I’m doing well.  I chose this top for its distraction factors.  With the tie and the little ruffles, plus the print, I think it worked.

These jeans only come out when I am feeling skinny. Their waist nips in a little bit more than I’d like, so any sign of bloat or fat and they’re out.  They have a fake cuff sewn in, but they are too long for flats, so I usually iron the cuff up.