Hell Spring is Almost Over

Posted on July 12, 2010


This is the final week of Hell Spring.  In May, my siblings and I started helping our mother clean out her house to get ready to move.  We’ve had yard sale after yard sale, which have consisted of pulling things from the garage and house and pretty much taking whatever money people were willing to pay for the stuff.

This weekend was not very different from previous weekends.  I got up on Saturday early enough to be at my mom’s by 5:30, then we set up the yard sale and dealt with that all day.  We made a decent amount of money, and my cut of the proceeds might have been almost enough to pay for the gas I’ve used making trips back and forth the past few weeks.   We had extra help from two people who are the best friends we could ever hope for.  My friends Sarah and Big Jim both came up to do their part.  Sarah got down and dirty throughout the day, pulling things out of the garage with us, and her presence alone was a sanity saver.  Big Jim showed up after it was all done and he and his son helped load his massive pick-up (I am very lucky to have found good friends in the big-truck culture through my work in a very blue collar industry) for the two D.I. runs and then the run to my house.

This is my mother's dining room. There is a table in there somewhere.

The above photo is the dining room, after five yard sales.  She gets a “high” from buying things on sale, and getting a good deal.  Her late husband was the same way… It was almost as if they bonded in their sickness and fed off of each other, both of them getting worse over the years they were together.

Mom has to be out of her house at the end of this week, and is downsizing a lot, so the lifetime gathering of this pair has to be gotten rid of.  Last Saturday, we had a huge yard sale, sold a TON of stuff, then took two big pick-up truck loads to the charity shop.  We then packed up the truck, a large SUV, and a minivan and transported things to my house for a Sunday yard sale.  A lot of stuff is still here, and will be added to this week, and we will have a final  sale this Saturday, after which everything will be donated to Deseret Industries.

This is the living room. It still looks a lot like this.

I’ve neglected my family, my home, my work, and my own life and enjoyable activities for about two months because of all of this, and I am physically and emotionally exhausted.  I am sure I can make it through this week, and then I will be so happy for it all to be over.