It’s Like I’m a Utah Poster Child

Posted on July 13, 2010


This week I will be sharing some of my outfits as part of Emery Jo’s Summer Fashion Week.

Today’s outfit also falls under my Summer fashion challenge of keeping new additions to my wardrobe either handmade or from a locally owned shop, or both.

Utahns are a crafty bunch. The dominant religion here encourages creativity and self sustenance among its members from birth. They color and do small crafts in the younger Sunday School classes, and they go after the swag making and toll painting something fierce once they get into the 12-18 year old group, and beyond. They also love Shade Clothing (founded right here, and dedicated to modest clothing that is cute and stylish). They started out with “Long enough” tees and camis and have grown to dresses, skirts, and are even branching out into accessories. My tee shirt and skirt are both from Shade, which I didn’t really realize until I was driving home from work today.

This skirt is cute, but tricky. It has a navy background, but it doesn’t go with any of the navy tops that I own. The colors in the print are sort of off as well, in their own cute way, with a lavenderish gray (or grayish lavender, but using that term didn’t allow me to use the word “Lavenderish”), a dark gray, sort of a cool-toned peach, and the chartreusey color. Wearing a white top with it was out, because white + my job = disaster, so black became the obvious choice. Choosing the sandals was easy because I got a pedicure Friday so obviously it needs to be shown off while it’s still fresh enough. The problem was that then I felt like I needed something else black and realized that I had this headband waiting to maybe be sold, so I snagged it, and added the gray tank underneath my tee shirt to continue the theme.

The red bracelet? Uh, the bangles are all a little bit large for me and they want to fly off when I talk with my hands and flail around, so they needed something to anchor them on my wrist.

Also, I got a cold sore thanks to my overexposure to the sun all weekend. That’s pretty awesome. Not really, it’s effing massive.